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25 Feb

Just knowing that its not all about the price tag or the designer label, but more about the fit, your lifestyle, and making sure that its what you like to wear.KL Style: Now, I’ve read different interviews about how you got your start.It was great and I learned sooo much about the fashion business that I didn’t know.I was not a designer or a sketch artist, but I knew I wanted to work in fashion so I said “Ok, I’ll be a celebrity stylist, that sounds good!

I recently did makeovers with Rachel Ray from the Rachel Ray Show and we literally went to a rest stop which is not that glamorous and did makeovers.First of all, I want them to know that it doesn’t matter if you live in New York or LA, or a small town in Oklahoma.You can still look fantastic and feel like a celebrity even if you don’t have that celebrity budget.There are a lot of Chocolate Fashion Blog online viewers who are aspiring stylists and wanna know how can they break into the fashion industry? Its funny that you asked because my website just launch and I have something called “Career Corner” because I have a lot of girls and guys who come up to me and ask how to get into the industry.I say the best way to break into the industry is to do an internship.