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29 Mar

I’m pleased to stand here today and reflect on a year that I’m incredibly proud of.

A year in which Nine has really lifted its performance.

To be fair to the Young Divas how far are you going to get by just releasing cover versions of songs.

So many models are coke whores and/or have eating disorders. This and much more on The Perez Hilton Podcast with Chris Booker!

Created by Screentime, producers of the trailblazing Underbelly franchise, this two-part mini-series explores the untold, uncut story of notorious gangster Mark ‘Chopper’ Read as he struggles to reconcile his two competing identities – Chopper, the colourful underworld figure, and Mark Brandon Read, the man who craved a quiet life far from the public arena.

They’ll laugh, cringe and squirm until they meet the person of their dreams – or not.

Anyone lucky enough to swipe a match gets to go on a date for real.

Couples searching for their dream home will hand over their life savings to three experts, trusting them to take over the biggest decision of their lives.

Amazing transformations and edge-of-your-seat drama make Buying Blind the new high-stakes property thriller. Date Night is a spontaneous, fun-filled dating show.