Who is dating donnie wahlberg

16 Dec

"So I don't know if I was really randy or really ready, but he was there and I gave him my phone number." She added, "I've never given a guy my number, but I was interested."Mc Carthy, 40, was dumbfounded when she didn't immediately hear from Wahlberg.

They’re my sisters too.’ But the fans have been very supportive… The evening out was in celebration of the former boy band sensation's CBS TV show Blue Bloods which also stars TV legend Tom Selleck The 48-year-old looked sharp in all black as his 44-year-old wife sported leather boots and a black skirt.Completing the blonde's attire was a big shapeless sweater as she wore dramatic eye makeup."I was where I was exactly supposed to be where I was, holding my son's hand who was giving me away to the love of my life, which is why I couldn't wait one more second to kiss you."Watch the video below to see the sweet moment, including when Wahlberg had tears in his eyes as Mc Carthy walked down the aisle.July 2013 - Present Jenny Mc Carthy and New Kids on the Block member Donnie Wahlberg started dating in the summer of 2013 after hitting it off on the blonde's talk show.