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27 Mar

On Christmas Day, Matt is preparing Christmas dinner, while "I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday" plays on the radio.

Matt realises that Jennifer thought that Harry really was talking to himself when he was really talking with Matt, and she now thinks Harry is also schizophrenic like her.As Harry's attempts to fight back become weaker, Matt disables the feed, instructs the other men to erase what they have, and proceeds to delete his own records to avoid being implicated in Harry's death.Matt tries to sneak back into his bedroom but is discovered by his wife, who finds out what he has been up to.The only television special of the series, it was also the last episode to be aired on Channel 4, as the series would move to Netflix for its third series.The episode starts with two men, Matt (Jon Hamm) and Joe (Rafe Spall), stationed at a remote outpost in the middle of a snowy wilderness.