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09 May

“But the objective, like you see in sports, where somebody’s going to hit eight three-pointers in a row, that thing is for real. Just a magical combination of people, and it was pretty exciting knowing that we were going to get to that.” On the surface, someone who plays 160 concerts nearly nonstop, each typically around three hours, not counting his two-hour warm-up regimen, would seem like a driven workaholic.

For me, it’s been kind of a mandate of the gig to get to there every night, no matter what. But Metheny and his wife of 20 years live on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

It’s a really great community that I feel lucky to be a part of.” And in 2013, Metheny became only the fourth guitarist to be inducted into the Downbeat Hall of Fame – the other three being Charlie Christian, Django Reinhardt, and Wes Montgomery.

But it’s always been a translation device to get ideas out.

But two albums later, The Pat Metheny Group landed the guitarist on the covers of Downbeat and Musician.

And his group – Metheny, keyboardist Lyle Mays, bassist Mark Egan, and drummer Danny Gotlieb – were as close to rock stars as any jazz combo of the past four decades.

I kind of came through the ranks of Kansas City musicians that I was very lucky to start playing with at a very young age – 14 or 15 years old through the time I got out of high school.

So, to a certain degree, I missed a lot of stuff because I was so dedicated.