Vic zhou and barbie hsu dating

07 Dec

Zhou has appeared in numerous Taiwanese dramas such as "Mars" and "Black and White." Last year, he was named Best Actor at the Golden Bell Awards, Taiwan’s version of the Emmys, for his performance in the TV series “Home.” Aside from being a recognized actor, Zhou also made headlines in 2013 when he indirectly admitted his rumored relationship with Taiwanese actress Reen Yu.

VAN NESS WU THEN: Van Ness Wu played the role of Mei Zuo in “Meteor Garden.” His character is a boy-next-door who is a magnet to beautiful girls. Wu is now married to long-time girlfriend Arissa Cheo, the daughter of a wealthy Singaporean businessman.

KEN CHU THEN: Ken Chu portrayed Xi Men in the Taiwanese series “Meteor Garden.” In the phenomenal show, Xi Men is usually seen with Mei Zuo.

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Yesterday, Zai Zai who was in Taiyuan, capital city of Shanxi province, China announced the seperation with Barbie.

MANILA – Who would have thought that after a decade, the Taiwanese series "Meteor Garden" is back on Philippine television?

The Taiwanese series, which first aired locally on ABS-CBN in 2003, returned with a bang on Monday as the first episode of its afternoon re-run easily dominated conversations online.

They were unable to maintain as a love couple but they can become life-long friends of close family ties.

At the press reception, Zai Zai was asked about the news on the break-up; He said: 'It's true, we have broken up, the feeling with Da S is one from being her boyfriend to that of family member.