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20 Mar

Morgan [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: 05 November 2007 To: [email protected]: Deferrable Constraints I've stumbled trying to answer a student question and wonder if you might know the answer.

A surrogate is totally hidden from users and maintained by the system -- think of how an index works.This is probably just the tip of the iceberg and all you will have is more and more kludges piled on each other.The thing will run for awhile, but it will choke from lack of data integrity or the inability to scale up or to port to another platform.Drop all but one of the dups and then try to find all of the referenced rows in other tables. It does not matter if you used an autonumber or the UPC, the UPC has to be updated.If you maintain the exposed locator by hand, you have extra work, extra disk seeks and will eventually make a mistake, thus destroying your data integrity. If you had used a proper RDBMS design and SQL-92, you would do an ALTER DOMAIN and a single update with CASCADE.