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21 Apr

The term "connectome" is used primarily in scientific efforts to capture, map, and understand the organization of neural interactions within the brain.

Research has successfully constructed the full connectome of one animal: the roundworm C.

In the human brain, the significance of the connectome stems from the realization that the structure and function of the human brain are intricately linked, through multiple levels and modes of brain connectivity.

There are strong natural constraints on which neurons or neural populations can interact, or how strong or direct their interactions are.

The genome is an entity it-self, as it is from the subtle gene interaction that [life] emerges.

In a similar manner, one could consider the brain connectome, set of all neuronal connections, as one single entity, thus emphasizing the fact that the huge brain neuronal communication capacity and computational power critically relies on this subtle and incredibly complex connectivity architecture.

To understand the functioning of a network, one must know its elements and their interconnections.

The connectome will significantly increase our understanding of how functional brain states emerge from their underlying structural substrate, and will provide new mechanistic insights into how brain function is affected if this structural substrate is disrupted.

It is clear that, like the genome, which is much more than just a juxtaposition of genes, the set of all neuronal connections in the brain is much more than the sum of their individual components.

) is a comprehensive map of neural connections in the brain, and may be thought of as its "wiring diagram".

More broadly, a connectome would include the mapping of all neural connections within an organism's nervous system.