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15 Apr

Her attitude was that, the more family, the more love there was to share.Suzy reported coming from a wonderful, loving family and having a good childhood.Suzy did not understand what she had done to make her mother-in-law so angry that she wanted to break up Suzy and Steve’s marriage.Suzy was also irate that she found her locked filing cabinet had been broken in to and that her MIL went through her medical history and other private data.

Now, all of those things that Suzy mentioned can be part and parcel of the sometimes tenuous mother-in-law and daughter-in-law dance.

All three of them sat at the table together and Steve stated the intent of the conversation.

First, Steve talked about the things that had bothered him. Then, he asked Suzy to talk about what was bothering her.

Therefore, she was looking forward to having a close relationship with her husband’s family and sharing the love.

But, soon after they became marriage, Suzy’s relationship with her mother-in-law became terrible.