Tips for dating a frenchman

30 Apr

“A Detour” Day 1: Not only is she NOT in Paris, but she is missing her luggage. Earn extra points by clicking on the colored steps in the same order that Carlos does. Day 6: Carlos and Carmen’s love connection seems to be working.

Challenge 6: Extra points for helping find customers’ bags as they swing by the corral in the upper right-hand corner. Challenge 7: Extra points for helping find customers’ bags as they swing by in the upper right-hand corner. Carmen tells Emily that Carlos has a surprise for her, tonight!

Extra Challenge 2: Read the letter between customers to earn extra points Day 4: Emily lets her friend, Francois, in on her big secret only seconds before her own sister, Angela, steals her thunder with some news of her own! TIP: Use Francois the mime as entertainment to take the customers minds off any of the slower orders.

Day 5: Angela’s fiancé, Jimmy, comes across as a tad bit insensitive and self-absorbed. But he is going to be part of the family, now, and he seems to make Emily’s sister happy. Day 7: That sweet Patrick offers to help out with the wedding in the best way he can.

So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating.

Walkthrough Delicious Emily’s True Love At the beginning of Delicious – Emily’s True Love, Emily’s restaurant has been open for a year!

“Good bye” Day 7: Carlos’ plan backfired, and he is heartbroken.

Challenge 10: Carlos is heartbroken over Carmen, have a comfort talk with poor Carlos and earn extra points. “Hello…Again” Day 9: Carmen feels abandoned by her mother and fears she passed up her chance for a happy life.

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It had been penned by the object of her affection from so many years ago – Jean Paul, from France! Extra Challenge 1: clean up the mess left over from the night before for extra points.

Extra Challenge 3: Keep Jimmy well fed to earn extra points Day 6: Surprise! Time is of the essence, and they still have to do something about that hideous wedding dress.

Extra Challenge 4: Help Mom fit the dress between customers.

Emily is finally in France and is headed to Paris by train.

Suitcase in hand, she comes across “Fresco’s,” a dining car restaurant that has seen better days.