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10 Apr

With a furious Rebecca refusing to help him when Josh is abducted by the vampires to serve in a dog fight to entertain the Dutch, Aidan joins back up with Bishop as the Dutch are arriving to deal with the latter for increasing the vampire population in Boston.But ultimately discovering that Bishop has planned for the Dutch's betrayal by drugging them with juniper-laced blood in his blood den workers, Aidan is able to only save Heggeman with Rebecca's help once she learns the truth of Bernie's death being arranged by Marcus.After Heggeman leaves to tell the other vampire clans of Bishop's planned coup, Aidan honors Rebecca's wish to die rather than live as a vampire.Several days later, Aidan is reunited with an elderly Celine, learning she came to Boston to live with her daughter while she receives treatment for lung cancer, even though she does not plan on living through the treatment.

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Aidan manages to de-fang the chaplain, rendering him unable to feed on blood any more.After suffering blood withdrawals, Aidan ends up starting a relationship with Suren while learning his protégé Henry Duram, who was responsible for Suren being buried alive eighty years ago, is organizing Bishop's orphans.Suffering visions of Bishop from overdrinking blood, Aidan tracks down Henry and finds himself unable to kill his "son" while deciding to help Henry find a way to reintegrate him into vampire society.Reluctantly, Aidan drains Celine of her blood, killing her, but allowing him to heal completely.Expecting that Josh would attempt to fight for him, Aidan has Sally trap Josh in the hospital basement while he decapitates Bishop in their fight to the death.