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These are visible as earthworks south and east of the site, which are possible remnants of a moat, and in the Gatehouse itself.

The lower part of its west wall, and the gate arch, belong to a curtain wall of about 1300, which runs on a short way north.

Site selection and safeguard and management of this network are dependent on geoscience information, and in return continued geoscience fieldwork is dependent on having conserved sites available for study.

In 1591, it was inherited by Humphrey Lee, who besides being Sheriff of Shropshire in 1600 was made a baronet by James I in 1620.

He enlarged the Hall and the chapel, and it is now clear that he did the same for the Gatehouse in about 1610.

The Department's successor, English Heritage, was still keen to secure the future of the Gatehouse but how to do this was unclear.

Then, in 1986, English Heritage approached the Landmark Trust with a proposal for a joint scheme to repair the building and provide it with a new use.