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21 Feb

One winter day, strep had overtaken my usual illness, the sharp rasping swallow punctuating normal exhaustion.My oldest was finishing his basketball season, and at the last practice the parents were invited to join in games.I pivoted to the hoop and, as I lifted my eyes, brought the ball up, and it began to leave my fingertips, it was smacked out of the sky inches from my nose. We all laughed helplessly for minutes on end, kids recreating his block and other kids recreating my stunned expression.I was dumbfounded and all I saw was the line of other parents, children, and coaches with huge eyes and even bigger surprised smiles having witnessed my son fly through the air higher than ever before to knock that ball out of the sky. My guy was so pleased with himself, but then the light for him went out for just a moment as he whispered to me, “You could have really made it in—I am so sorry.” He realized that he would have been devastated to be robbed of a moment of triumph that no one expected to see.Sometimes the rectangle is a movie screen, showing reels of action that I may watch but not participate in.

My kid and I and a teenage boy were to take over a few roles.

It is observational and it requires that you truly love the subjects of your observation; you must not be consumed with envy at their joy.

There are certain people I do not love enough to merely watch them being happy without me.

By Kristin Wagner I can see life outside through a rectangle.

The sliding glass door to the back of our house is large and unobstructed and like a huge movie screen, a world happening within four sides.