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01 Feb

As the clock neared 11pm I gave up, took off my dress, heels and jewellery, and got into bed, at which point he texted to say he’d had a glorious snog at the bus stop (and did I fancy a second? There was a man in Morocco who invited me for the weekend and got his sister to assure me her brother was sincere.And there was Martin, with whom I had an inspiring email relationship, to the point that he was talking about us growing old together. He went cold and then admitted he was only just separated.There’s nothing wrong with being a radiant spinster, too busy with her fulfilling life to miss having a partner, but it just wasn’t what I wanted.I tried meeting someone in real life, as my mother suggested.Ever.’ There was: ‘I’d never go out with a woman who describes herself as independent or ambitious.’Even a male friend said: ‘You are going to need to lose some weight, wear red and grow your hair if you want the silver foxes to see you.’ But I wasn’t interested in a man who wanted to know my vital statistics before meeting, so rejection by those people didn’t hurt at all.

It’s hard not to sound full of yourself, but it’s also easy to opt out of saying who you really are and be bland, which gets you nowhere.

I sat in cafés glancing over the top of novels at possible boyfriends and got nowhere.

Full of self-doubt, I considered the woman in the mirror.

There’s no point in improving your photos with filters or using ones a decade old.

The man for you will see past your love handles and greying hair.