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09 Jan

Or, if you don’t like that much of a freestyle feel, you can also choose a grid from a selection of templates they have set up, and it will throw your pictures into the grid.You can then pull some out to have them free-floating. Extra features: Moldiv has lots of different templates for interesting grids (beyond the standard), but many of them are by purchase only. Sometimes, choosing a favorite photo is harder than choosing a favorite kid.And other times, you might want to save space in your photo album by packaging several of your photos together on one page.Extra features: Pic Collage allows you to be very flexible in your collage-making.It gives you a blank canvas where you can add pictures and then move and resize them to your heart’s desire.

The i OS 11.1 update, which brought bug fixes as well as a host of new emoji, does not seem to infect every device it is installed on with the new glitch.That’s when you want to create a collage or grid out of your pictures. Choose your photos, and Photo Grid creates a grid for you.There are several apps that make it simple and easy to do. Then, if you don’t like the layout, you can choose one of their other templates that fits your number of photos.You can add all kinds of layers: text, stickers, cut-outs, etc. It’s easy to use, and when you’re selecting photos for your grid it makes it very clear where in the grid your picture is going to show up so you don’t have to guess.Pics Art is an app for creating collages and so much more.