Robin thicke dating black women

28 Mar

As a white artist in a genre that was created, perfected, and initially curated by black musicians, you have benefited from a more diverse fan base.

Your hit single "Blurred Lines" was played on every radio station from Harlem to the Hamptons and being married to actress Paula Patton solidified your positive embrace within black entertainment.

Do you honestly think that an album like this is really going to make her change her mind?

Robin Thicke and girlfriend April Love Geary, who are roughly 20 years apart, are expecting their first child together.

Sure, social media isn't giving you that much of a break as of recently, but your record label is and that is problematic.

Because once again we are reminded that black women in this country, no matter how innocent or rational they are, will never get the proper respect they deserve.

Your new album "Paula" and all the promotion you are getting for it in the name of exploiting the marriage you once had is repulsive. But here is where you have taken advantage of such a relationship and have now become destructive.

And what is worse you have taken to appropriating black soul and R&B to harass her. We will just forget what past signs of disregard you have had for black entertainers and their work, and focus on your recent charges.

Instead of trying to show the world how bad you feel you deserve back the heart of a woman who has rightfully left you... And I say all of this because men of color would be persecuted publicly for such outlandish behavior and would not get a second chance. Blu Rain, a teacher at the alternative high school in Harlem, New York, who teaches and mentors disadvantaged students, including the titular character, Claireece Precious Jones (Gabourey Sidibe). In 2016, Patton starred in the romantic comedy The Perfect Match, alongside Terrence Jenkins, appeared opposite Adam Sandler in direct-to-Netflix comedy film The Do-Over, In January 2017, Patton was cast in the lead role of the ABC drama series Somewhere Between, which premiered on July 24.However, Patton landed the lead female role in action film Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol and her role on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit was reduced to one episode. In 2013, Patton co-starred with Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg in the action comedy film 2 Guns, and starred in the leading role in the romantic comedy film Baggage Claim. She plays Laura Price, a mother who travels back in time to prevent her daughter's death.Patton has song-writing credits on multiple Robin Thicke albums under the name "Max", derived from her middle name (Maxine).Patton made her film debut with a small part in the 2005 romantic comedy film Hitch, which starred Will Smith and Eva Mendes.