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15 May

So, no matter how much insulin we have out in our blood, it’s not able to open the glucose gates, and blood sugar levels build up in the blood.

This mechanism, by which fat (specifically saturated fat) induces insulin resistance, wasn’t known until fancy MRI techniques were developed to see what was happening inside people’s muscles as fat was infused into their bloodstream. It builds up in their muscles, and decreases their insulin sensitivity—showing that increased fat in the blood can be an important contributor to insulin resistance. Lower the level of fat in people’s blood, and the insulin resistance comes right down.

The glucose intolerance skyrockets in the fatty diet group.

In response to the same sugar water challenge, the group that had been shoveling in fat ended up with twice the blood sugar.

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He was among the first to study quantitatively the relationship between till lithology and till formation and to study how glacial transport and dynamics affect till texture and deformation.

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What if there’s enough insulin, but the insulin doesn’t work?

The key is there, but something’s gummed up the lock. Our muscle cells become resistant to the effect of insulin.