Practical happiness online dating

11 Feb

When Eunice Webb, a 73-year-old widow and retired teacher in New Prague, Minnesota, grew lonely and contemplated buying a dog for company, her son, Todd Anderson, suggested she get a man instead. "When it came to my mother, I had absolutely no reservation. Keep details to yourself Still, says Kaiser, for many grown children, having a parent suddenly jump into the dating pool -- and a virtual one at that -- is a shock, especially if the parent begins dating numerous people, and perhaps having sex with new partners.

Instead of going to Stockholm for the customary award ceremony, Einstein felt an obligation to honor a commitment to lecture in Japan and began a stay at Tokyo’s famous Imperial Hotel.

"I didn't want to be too involved." Instead, he reviewed some practical online tips with his mother and then directed her to his site's services which provides advice and insight to all members on optimizing their photos and profile content.

And she must have taken his advice to take her time because he says, "her search for romance -- and male companionship continues!

They're concerned their parents are out of the loop of dating and going to pick someone who is going to treat them badly," says Stacy Kaiser, a Southern California psychotherapist who works with the women on "Diet Tribe," Lifetimes' reality show about five female friends who try to lose weight and get fit.

Kaiser is also a former consultant for the Jewish dating site