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14 Apr

Pokud chceš sbalit nějakou z místních holek, odpověz, prosím, na 3 jednoduché otázky a začni vyhledávat profily uživatelek ze svého okolí, abys našel odpovídající partnerku.March 3, 2013, am Filed under: Culture, Fun, Health, Internet, media, Miscellaneous, Outside Thailand, People | Tags: abortion, advertising, Alotta Fagina, Austin Powers, babies, Beer, bikini, blogging, Cambodian, censorship, Chinese, cigarettes, conjoined twins, disease, DIY, elephantiasis, elephants, email, expats, Facebook, family, Fred West, fried rice, gays, geography, hangover, Hua Hin, Indonesia, internet, Japanese, journalist, Kiribati, Korean, Leo Beer, occult, Pattaya, penis, Philippines, porn, pregnant, prostitution, rash, Satan, search engines, SEO, sex, sex tourism, Siamese twins, Siriraj Museum, smoking, teenagers, television, Thai, Thai architecture, Thailand, Timorese, tourists, transvestites, TV, Twitter, USA, vagina, vibrator, Viz, Watch With Mother, whisky, Wordpress, Yingluck Shinawatra The amazing response to my last post was quite an eye-opener. See more at the newly redesigned All Asian Pornstars Live!Tohle je Tvoje šance vyhledat partnerku na sex, snadno a diskrétně, a co nejdříve si zašukat s nějakou z našich uživatelek.Who doesn’t like to watch naked Asian girls masturbating in front of their webcam? She sets up her webcam and gives her most loyal followers a sex show they’ll never forget!

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But my “10 ways expats can avoid being mistaken for tourists” post has now picked up more than 3,300 views! That sole mention and tag occurred in the post “Violent, forced abortions: Good. (It’s clear how that happened, but why are people looking for vagina! Smoking: Bad”, about an absurd example of Thai censorship. Or was this person looking for a woman dressed as a man, but nude? Her new site just launched and it has enough spank material to knock your cock out faster than Ronda Rousey. Angeles City is one of the premiere red light districts in Asia and Asian Sex Diary follows around this lucky sex tourist as he hops around from bar to bar fucking hot LBFMs. If you have a penchant for dropping loads in wet, fertile pussies then this brand new Asian porn site is right up your alley. Watch this scene above as she auditions for this gogo dancing job with her mouth and pussy.