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14 Mar

The school board could also accept supplemental bids for higher quality fiberglass windows, and new floor-to-ceiling windows around the front entryway, worth a total of about 570 thousand dollars.The board decided to fund the renovation with some of the district’s capital projects money to prevent a repeat of this past winter, when Ptarmigan Hall and several other buildings on the former Air Force Base struggled to provide interior temperatures over 45 or 50 degrees.The agreement for the Headquarters Building only lasts for one year, after which time Huntington expects the school district and city to make a decision about whether the building should be maintained any longer.Huntington also asked for and received permission to purchase a 15,000 gallon double-walled fuel tank for the storage of heating fuel.Over the 20 year lifespan of the proposed lease, BLM would pay a total of close to 2-point-5 million dollars to the City, at a rate of 135 thousand dollars per year, plus utility payments.City Manager Shanda Huntington supported the lease agreement as a partial replacement for state revenue sharing and federal payment in lieu of taxes money, both of which are expected to diminish or disappear in the near future.

Reitan told the board that nine contractors have expressed interest in bidding on the project so far, though only one has visited Galena to check out the building."That way we can have a hearing at our regularly scheduled meeting [in May], and we can decide then with all the information if we are going to move forward with it this year or not.Because if we kick this too far down the road, it is not going to happen this year. They were looking at building their own buildings; they are probably not going to do that.QAP has the contract to renovate the Galena airport runway, which is scheduled to begin in the summer of 2017 and continue in 2018.The council also approved new use agreements for the POL building, which would allow the city to rent out the currently unused office space on the west side of the building, and the Headquarters Building.