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26 Feb

I mean, those two words change the entire meaning of the song.... Every time he tries to let her know, she ignores that. I like some Spector songs better than Paul's preference and some Paul versions better than Spectors.it's either saying the person this song is being sung to was unaware or maybe hadn't gave it a thought on how hard the singer has tried to keep their love going(the "...never know...") OR it's saying that they had always known how hard the singer has tried to keep their love going, but the person it's being sung to could care less how hard they had tried(the "...always known...")...."The Long And Winding Road" was also the name of a Beatles documentary made by Beatles' friend and Apple manager Neil Aspinall in 1970-71. THIS SONG REMINDS ME OF MY VERY FIRST LOVE FROM HIGH SCHOOL. HE WENT BACK TO CHICAGO AND I STAYED IN PORTALES NEW MEX. I always think this song is clearly about a man's one way love with a girl. It's like he's been trying to find the way to her heart but he couldn't make it. I'm with Mc Cartney on this one and to Michael, Southsea, England, that off key vocal is what makes this song one of the most powerful of all the beatles song. That's a good one, it seems that since 1976 every time sir Mac is giving a concert, he sings the Phil Spector's version, nevertheless he never stopped criticize the version of Phil Spector, that's what they call a real hypocrite.While it is clearly a song about longing for the love of another, I don't always think of a romantic love,the song has inspired me to think of my Mother & Grandmother who passed on and who I miss very much, anyway that is what I feel when I hear it It would be nice if people could get these facts right.This song was not written about the tension between the band. Let me please say that 'Hey Jude' was written about John's son Julian, not TLAWR.

If Paul wants to get into a pissing contest about it, he's got me mixed up with someone who gives a sh**."Am I the only one here who has anything to say about the differing lyrics between the original and the ... You know, how the original goes: "Many times I've been alone and many times I've cried__ Anyway you'll never know the many ways I've tried" , and the ... Anyway you've ALWAYS KNOWN the many ways I've tried". But she is always nice and closed to him, just not the real love he's long been expecting for. It's a long and winding road to the heart of the girl he loves.

On May 13th 1970, the Beatles' last film, 'Let It Be'" had its North American premiere in New York City... Absolutely my favorite Beatles song, in my top five of ALL songs. I also love the lush orchestration by Spector (sorry Paul). v=n0pf Fkd C6o E&feature=related"Any way you've always known the many ways I've tried" is how it was first written and soon changed to basically the only way you hear it now."Any way you'll never know...."I also have been very interested in this song and the lyric change from the original to what is mostly heard and sung, not only by Paul but other artists as well.

Seven days later on May 20th it would premiere in London, England... This song shows the real musical genius of Paul Mc Cartney. I often think of this song as I stroll hand-in-hand with my wife. I feel this is not about a love relationship at all.

Paul Mac Cartney doesn't sing good at all and I think he doesn't like Phil Spector's version because he(Mac)knows he will never have the talent Phil Spector has.

I still consider Phil Spector as the best and I give him an 11/10.