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02 May

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Carla Cametti PD is the new local drama series to premiere on SBS in January, the series stars Vince Colosim, Diana Glenn, Sullivan Stapleton and Nicole Da Silva.

On top of that Carla must also contend with ex-boyfriend Matt who the police believe is criminal, her best friend’s dad Joe who is under police surveillance and her mate Georgina, a widow at thirty and hell bent on revenge. The only problem is that one of them is trying to kill her, but which one?

Detective Senior Sergeant Gandolfi is determined to find out.

Dating Hamlet is the new friends collectors for and the could have.How did it feel to work with other major Australian stars, Vince Colosimo and Diana Glenn?Nicole Da Silva: I was thrilled to work with them, they are both great actors, both have had such a great career, with great work behind them so I was thrilled to work with that kind of group of actors.I met them both at the audition and they were both fun and we got along well, so it was great.Tell us a little about your character, Lisa Testro and her role in the series, Carla Cametti PD?