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William Cox, who made a significant contribution to their extermination, claimed the last local black died in 1876.

William Cox's sons extended their Mudgee holdings into the Gulgong area when they established the 'Guntawang' cattle run in 1822, 8 km south-west of the present townsite. However, the Rouse brothers took cattle to the property and, in 1825, Richard Rouse was granted the station, upon which the village of Guntawang developed.

Some of Merlin's photographs provided the basis of the images on the rear side of the old note.Prior to white settlement, the district was occupied by the Wiradjuri people whose language furnished the term 'Gulgong', said to mean 'deep waterhole'.Relations were amicable when white numbers were negligible but as settlement of the area west of the Blue Mountains escalated in the 1820s conflict increased.One of Australia's most famous poets and short-story writers, Henry Lawson, lived at Gulgong as a young boy (1871-72) as his family pursued the prospect of quick money from Grenfell to Eurunderee (see entry on Mudgee) to Gulgong.Several of his stories are set at Gulgong, although the references are not flattering. on Sundays and public holidays, tel: (02) 6374 1202.