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31 Jan

She is the younger sister of Benji Schwimmer, winner of the second season of So You Think You Can Dance. Schwimmer has been training and dancing competitively since a young age. At age ten, she and partner Blace Thompson placed 1st in the Young America Division at the 1998 U. After her selection to the top 20 finalists, Schwimmer was paired with contemporary/hip hop dancer, Kameron Bink.

At age seven, she and partner Brian Cordoba danced in the 1995 U. The two danced together for five weeks successfully, with judges praising their chemistry and the ease with which they danced together; they were the only couple never in danger of elimination.

They talk of their chemistry and how it was true ABC asked them to cool their sexual tones down.

Mike jokes about his dancing too and how awful it was, but, I don’t think he gives himself enough credit. Atleast Dancing With The Stars gave him some exposure and I have a feeling we’ll see more of him in the future….hopefully, filling Regis Philburn’s spot on “Regis and Kelly” when Regis retires.

Every time you do anything in life, you at least try for success. Just because you have the lowest score, that doesn't mean you were the worst dancer.

Lacey [Schwimmer] has been doing this a long time and said: "Look, it's not about how great you dance because everybody knows you're not a great dancer. It almost angers me that they gave me that low a score, so I'll just use it as motivation. But also, our new dance, the jive, is a lot more suited to me as a person.

They were also awarded the US National Youth Latin Championship in 2006.

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“I’ll take away a friend,” Catherwood said says of Schwimmer.

Lacey Schwimmer grew up in a Mormon household in Redlands, California. In January 2003, Schwimmer was paired with Jared Murillo, and the two began competing at a junior level. She is in the background of the scene during which a ballroom competition takes place.

Her parents are Laurie Kauffman and notable West Coast Swing dancer Buddy Schwimmer. Schwimmer went on to have annual top rankings at the U. Open Swing Dance Championships and has won numerous U. They were upgraded to the youth level in August 2003 and participated in dozens of competitions. Schwimmer entered the preliminary auditions for So You Think You Can Dance's third season partnered by her brother, Benji Schwimmer, following his win the previous season.

Most people watching at home are not professional dancers. It's fast-paced and energetic and I can mask my lack of posture and grace. Catherwood: Yeah, learning the steps and to stay on rhythm is not that hard; it's being able to look like a dancer — holding the posture and presenting yourself in a graceful manner.

They want to root for someone they like, so you have that going for you." That's what she thinks. Did she give you any more pep talks for next week, or are you just trying to move forward and forget about it? It's going to be a jive-y jive like you've never seen before. I don't want to say it's impossible, but it's so foreign.