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22 Jan

Having made contact with Agua the Lustful’s power activates. She gave me some odd looks with her bright yellow cat like reptilian eyes, then tested her jaw and tongue before saying in a slight Welsh accent, “My name is Aisha, I have been a dragon from time I was 7 years old, I was hear because I am now 18 years old and have reached the point where dragons a physically mature enough to mate. ” “I have no idea,” I told her straight forwardly, “a few days ago I found this weird crystal in the woods and it somehow merged with me, as far as I can tell it allowed me to control you when you were a towering dragon and when you touched one of the crystal pieces visible on my skin you underwent a transformation into a humanoid state.” Taking closer look at my forehead she said, “You touched the Mythos crystal, my father kept records about the time before the drake virus became an epidemic, one of his books said that the scientists of that time created a crystal-like material that was intended to nullify the virus.” “I'm guessing the people responsible for its production were terminated before they could get any conclusive results,” I said.

Agua: (whilst firing spells) “I’ve never seen a creature like that before It definitely came through that portal.”, “That thing is making me waste mana with those movements hopefully this last spell will buy me time to gather some more energy.” She fires her final spell and barely misses the Lustful which then notices her weakened state and pounces at her ending their confrontation. Finally snapping out of my shocked state I asked her what her name was and why she was in the town.

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The Lustful starts moving between objects as Agua starts using magic (fire,blizzard and thunder) to keep it away. I just stood there with a confused look as the now naked humanoid female dragon inspected herself with as much confusion as I was showing on my face.

Agua: “That thing is heading straight for me I better keep my guard up and use my magic to keep it back”. He decided to try and find his way back to the room he woke up in, but he’d gotten so turned around he ended up wandering in the wrong direction.” Scene changes to Alistair walking through a bizarre forest of trees with purple leaves. When she stopped glowing she still had her scales, along with their pattern, and horns were also present, granted the horns had undergone a size change as well.

; D Characters: Alistair Kingsleigh: https://co/g Sjn Mw/Cheshire Catgirl: https://co/m MUy Tb/Bimbo Hatter: https://co/m Fcw EG/Milf Hare: https://co/h Jpb EG/White Bunny: https://co/j Ag Z1w/Queen of Hearts: https://co/i9j9ZG/Sex Scene 1 The Cheshire Catgirl kneels on the ground and leans against a tree as Alistair kneels behind her and fucks her doggystyle. The fact that the crystal allows you to command female dragons and even bring down to a manageable state is a nice plus, I was instructed in what to do should the Mythos Crystal ever crop up, as were the rest of the women who remained in the town.” Rani then said, “My order instructed to locate the Mythos Crystal or its bearer and make sure that the power was as advertised, I felt the best way to do this was to pretend at being a priestess, in truth I am a high ranking official with in the Order of Legends.

SEX SCENE SUMMARY For those of you who just look through for the sex scenes and don’t bother with the full script, here are the sex scenes. “After looking around the area for a while, Alistair was still unable to determine where he was, how he got there or how he was supposed to get back.” Scene changes to Alistair in the middle of the bizarre room, scratching his head. The White Bunny: https://co/j Ag Z1w/White Bunny: Oh-No! The fact that you just stumbled onto it and met the requirements for bonding with it is a feat of unusually fortuitous circumstances.