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29 Dec

In this article I’ll share with you some of my favorite photographs and experiences from my recent trip to Sri Lanka – a magical destination – documented with my Canon EOS 5D Mark IV.The photograph of Sri Lanka stick fishermen near the city of Galle that opens this article is my favorite image from this sojourn.To capture the subtle differences in the flowing water, I set the Drive mode to Continuous. Just before my wife Susan took this photograph, I was checking my exposures and not watching the waves.Quick thinking and actions saved my Canon 5D Mark IV from getting swept away!The photograph, like my photograph of the stick fisherman, illustrates the important composition technique of separation – that is, the two elephants in the foreground are separated from the groups of elephants in the background.

Personally, exploring these sacred caves, which date back to the first century B.

So, if you have the Canon Connect smartphone app, you can send your photos and GPS info, as I did in the image above, to your phone so you can share instantly on social media.

And with the GPS feature, you can find and share exactly where you took a photograph, which is important when you need to accurately note and share a location. To capture the beauty of the ebb and flow of the waves on Kirinda Beach, I used a shutter speed of 0.4 seconds.

It’s an in-camera, HDR image, with the Ev set at 0, 2, -2, and the Effect set at Art Vivid – for an even more dramatic image.

HDR was needed due to the strong contrast range (between the setting sun and the water) in the scene.