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10 Apr

She sees her son in so many people passing by on the street that she decides that it’s time to find him so she can find some peace within herself.

Grace quits her dead-end customer service job to move back in with her mother and begins the search for her son.

Grace – Now midway through her life the one decision she constantly regrets is giving up her child to adoption.An activist of sorts, he does his best to make sure tourists don’t inadvertently kill the turtles.After he meets George, an owner of a motel in the area, he begins a romance made more complicated by his relationship with his non-accepting family and his HIV status.No word yet on whether James Marsters will return as Chase's father Victor though, after he attacked his son and his wife shot him. We have shown on the show the ability of people to escape death.We've also shown that people really die," executive producer Josh Schwartz told Julian Mc Mahon will also return as the villainous Jonah, leader of Pride and Karolina's biological father, who after a near-death experience, is now whole again (kind of) as Pride sacrifices youths to let Jonah use their life-force to keep him young.