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12 Jan

My Signature scent; this is also the fragrance I want my daughters to remember me for whenever they’ll smell it in the future.A strange & unlikely combination of °transparent° & robust: it bafffles me how it can be so strongly both of these in the same instance; but I suppose that it is in precisely this kind of design that great oerfumery consisteth.It is always subdued, but does not depart fræ one's side, until its °evening° - its proper time of departure.It never cloys with surfeit of sweetness, nor does it dazzle with surfeit of brightness; but rather is like a Beethoven string quartet steadily played at a generous distance. The parfum version evokes for me someone who is mild-mannered, well-read, professionally accomplished but doesn't take himself or herself too seriously.I think of it as an Eau d`Orange Verte you can actually wear, because it won't disappear by the time you leave the house. For me it works the best on sunset/sundown, late evenings in Fall and Spring with a bit chilly winds, then it truly reveals its aroma and stages, and it is great performer overall.It reminds me a lot of absolute mix between Dunhill Icon and Bvlgari Aqua Amara. It smells more earthy although It doesnt include vetiver unlike the EDT (which might suits you if you are not a vetiver fan).Scent: 10/10 Longevity: 6 hours Sillage: arm’s length I’m not a professional reviewer nor do i have an “experienced” nose; but i have a lot of fragrances and this is one that last a long time. The nature of ISO E is that it fades in and out becoming barely perceptible to YOU, but everyone else around you can still totally smell it. Read the description for Molecule One for a description of how this stuff works. He sleeps with a C-pap machine for sleep apnea so be breathes through a filter and mask all night long.I haven’t figured out the right amount of applications yet. After 15 -20 min i can’t smell the fragrance but i receive complements throughout the day. Jeans and T-shirt to sport coat, maybe a suit, but not a tux. Rather than wearing my niche frags (Creed, MFK, Tom Ford, etc...) i grab this to run around and save my niche frags for certain occasions or events. He tells me that even though he applies this fragrance early in the day and swears he can’t smell it before he goes to bed, it comes roaring back to life in the morning the second he takes off his air mask unless he scrubs himself with hot water and soap the night before.

Anyway I find it an enchanting scent, with quite a different personality than the edt version. I used to like the edt version, but after I tried the parfum version, the edt smelled like preserved fruit to me.

I sprayed it on a T-shirt one weekend and the next weekend i could still smell it on the shirt when doing laundry. I really like it but on me it’s like a ninja and i believe this is from the ISO-E in this fragrance. I personally notice that when I go to wash the shirts I wore while wearing this fragrance I can smell TDH as long as a week later.

Powerful stuff for a fragrance you almost can’t smell when you’re actually wearing it! At first it smells like citrus and wood quickly fading to an ultra mild vetiver and the smell of ISO E Super... I describe it as the faint smell of saw dust with the tickle of pepper at the back of your throat, but without the smell of what we typically associate with pepper in fragrances.

I was shocked at rediscovering it's potential, I wanted to just walk around outside as I continued to get continuous wifts from the awesome scent cloud that surrounded me. There's also a peircing aspect to this scent that I don't care for. The wood is well-blended and remains in the background, and the heart of flint seems non-existent to me.

The citrus is especially bitter, which is not particularly sexy but sporty and useful for work if you want to convey a sharp edge.