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28 Dec

This is shutting down freedom of expression.'But the council says it is not prosecuting Mr Shine over the content of his speeches - just for the level of volume he delivers them at, which was causing a noise nuisance for shoppers and local businesses.

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upon receiving a representation of its pitiable condition, Mary I granted a charter establishing a mayor, two bailiffs, twelve chief burgesses and sixteen secondary burgesses, the mayor to be clerk of the market, coroner and a JP.

It is on the A415 between Witney and Dorchester, adjacent to the A34 trunk road, linking it with the M4 and M40 motorways.

The B4017 and A4183 also link the town, both being part of the old A34 and often heavily congested.

The right to free speech isn’t a licence to walk the streets with a loudhailer disturbing the public.

The 'Good Rule and Government' bylaw was drawn up in 2001 to stop people from making 'any noise which is so loud or so continuous or repeated as to give reasonable cause for annoyance to other persons'.