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26 Apr

Then they realized it was actually a camera disguised as a smoke detector and was pointing right at their bed.Derek Starnes told ABC Action News over the phone he and his wife are freaked out by what happened.

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I repeated the process several times, bringing him to the edge then letting it subside. I knew what I wanted and I wasn’t going to stop until I got it, no matter what. I hope you like lots of cum because I have fantasized about feeding it to you for years! In my heart I knew that I would give him this anytime he wanted from now on because I wanted it too. I shoved my hand in my shorts and began furiously fingering my dripping cunt. With his cock buried down my throat and him holding me there I was his. Suddenly he yanked on my hair pulling me off of his cock and shoved my face to his balls and told me to lick up the cum that had escaped my lips from them…another orgasm plowed through my body at the sound of him talking to me like a slut.

His cock was so amazingly hard and throbbing…I could hardly believe how perfect and beautiful it was. With the loving tone that only a mother can have, I gently told him “OK sweetie, mommy will make you cum now. Don’t warn me, just cum when it is time for it and know that I want you to do it.” I released his throbbing monster from my grasp allowing it to sway and pulse, then leaned down and wrapped my lips around his head and swirled my tongue along the edge of his glans. ” and put his hand on the back on my head and proceeded to push my mouth down onto it until I was deepthroating him. He thrust harder and harder, holding my head in place with handfuls of my hair, his big balls slapping my chin with every thrust. I slipped three fingers inside of my sloppy wet pussy as I lapped the sperm from his crotch and immediately had my third orgasm, my own cum gushing onto my hand and wetting the crotch of my shorts.

Starnes said he works in the tech world and noticed a black hole on the side of the smoke detector.

He took it down and realized that that black hole was a camera recording onto an SD card.