Ideas to celebrate 1 year anniversary of dating

29 Apr

) For extra fun: If there are a few appropriate restaurants in your area, go to one for an appetizer, one for dinner, and another for dessert.

For milestones: Travel for real to a region you’ve sampled and fallen in love with.

(Honestly, we never get tired of this idea.) For extra fun: Plan the evening on your own and surprise your loved one with the trip down memory lane—from start to finish.

For milestones: Recreate a recreation…or your honeymoon…or choose a memorable weekend and relive the whole thing. Climb in the car, pick a direction, and drive till you see something interesting.

The date: Each anniversary, pick a different country or cuisine you’re curious about.

Do a little online research and find a local, family-owned place that serves food from that area.

Keepsake: Print out your own menus to commemorate your evening.

Or write cards or love letters to each other to read over dinner.

Your partner has to make it “come true”…but the budget is based on how many years you’ve been married.For extra fun: Set up an after-dark picnic in your backyard.Grab a throw, a bottle of wine, and your favorite picnic foods and revel in the stars and quiet time together.You can get out the wedding china, or eat off paper plates and avoid the cleanup.If your children are old enough, they might have fun playing wait-staff and serving you your dinner.