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This paper examines the multiple roles that globalised, branded spaces of hospitality can play in tourists' experiences in destinations.It is argued that previous studies have not considered adequately how such commercial hospitality services and spaces interact with and influence tourists' experiences of places.Nick has academic and professional contacts in many countries including the UK, Scandinavia, Switzerland, Turkey, Hong Kong and China.His main academic interest is the management of service quality and the customer experience in tourism and hospitality.) Show and share ( M /f exhibition spanking toys voyeurism D/s B/D S/M BDSM bondage real reluctant humiliation Heavy ) by Melody Mitchell (Review It!) Slave Natalie ( M/f bestiality exhibition modification teen BDSM slavery consensual Heavy ) by Habariako7 (Review It! ( M/f bestiality lactation spanking Tit Torture S/M slavery bondage humiliation torture nc Forced Extreme ) by Bette Jene Adams (Review It!Hanaa Osman, Ph D is a Lecturer in Hospitality Management at the School of Tourism, Bournemouth University.

He has many years' experience in teaching, management and research in higher education in the UK, Switzerland and elsewhere.

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He has researched and published on a wide range of subjects including customer experience management, co-creation in consumer experiences, hospitality and urban regeneration, migrants' experiences of hospitality work, research ethics, entrepreneurship and organisational culture.

Peter co-founded the Hospitality & Society journal and he is currently the Controversies and Reviews Editor.