Free disabled hookup

11 Dec

The RN-52 is a Class 2 Bluetooth device, meaning that the range of the on board antenna is about 10m.

Thus, you should be able to stream audio to the module from about 32 ft in open air.

As with any product, it is wise to read the datasheet before embedding this device into a project. It is compatible with all Bluetooth v3.0 devices and also backwards compatible with all Bluetooth v2.1 EDR, 1.2, and 1.1 devices.

Here is a list of all the profiles that the RN-52 supports.

Free disabled hookup-7Free disabled hookup-38Free disabled hookup-70

You can attach speakers directly to the speaker pins and get immediate gratification from wireless music.

It does this via an on-board Digital Signal Processing (DSP) chip.

When streaming audio the RN-52, the DSP converts the radio waves sent from the transmitter device (phone, computer, etc.) into electrical signals that can then be sent to the amplifier and then to your audio output (speakers/headphones).

*Note: Multiple profiles can be implemented at once.

The default settings are set to have all profiles discoverable.