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11 Dec

It does this via an on-board Digital Signal Processing (DSP) chip.

When streaming audio the RN-52, the DSP converts the radio waves sent from the transmitter device (phone, computer, etc.) into electrical signals that can then be sent to the amplifier and then to your audio output (speakers/headphones).

The RN-52 is a Class 2 Bluetooth device, meaning that the range of the on board antenna is about 10m.

Thus, you should be able to stream audio to the module from about 32 ft in open air.

The UART can also be used to connect the module to an external microcontroller that issues commands and handles status updates.

These pins are reserved for audio input and output.

The RN-52 comes ready to stream audio right out of the box.

You can attach speakers directly to the speaker pins and get immediate gratification from wireless music.

It allows you to send stereo audio over a wireless Bluetooth connection.The module has an embedded DSP that handles the audio stream entering and exiting the module, converting the digital wireless signals into audio and vice versa.The module is easy to configure with both ASCII commands and GPIO.These pins also act as input pins for specific functions during audio playback. On this module, however, there is only one way to enter command mode, by pulling GPIO9 LOW. The USB lines are strictly used for device firmware update (DFU) mode.These can be configured to control media programs such as i Tunes or Windows Media Player (eg. Used in conjunction with GPIO3, the USBD and USBD- lines allow you to upload new firmware directly to the RN-52.