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26 Jan

According to Ellen , the most troubling sign in Rebecca was growing six inches in one year.“There was a lot of stress mainly due to her height,” says Ellen.“The adolescent brain is one where the accelerator is pressed to the floor before there's a good braking system in place,” says Steinberg.“This gap between when the brain is easily aroused and when the braking is in place creates a period of vulnerability.” With puberty occurring at a younger age, this period begins earlier, when a girl may be inadequately prepared.Ce séjour de 10 à 15 jours leur permet de vivre, d'échanger et de partager avec les acteurs du projet qu'ils soutiennent et de découvrir les actions de leur partenaire.Pour ensuite devenir eux-mêmes des acteurs de changement.Her mother, Ellen, had noticed a change in Rebecca’s breast area, but some of the other little girls, the chubbier ones at least, also seemed to be carrying extra weight there.But there was also the hair that had begun to appear under her daughter’s arms.

Our bodies cannot metabolize phthalates, which interfere with the endocrine system—the body’s system of glands and hormones—and harm fat cells.

One 2014 study, for instance, finds “girls with earlier [puberty] timing had higher levels of depression symptoms at age 10 years.” Another study echoes these findings, while also suggesting such effects may be long-lasting.

Along with higher rates of depression, younger girls who enter puberty earlier than their peers are more prone to obesity and drug abuse.

The trend has been attributed to the epidemic of overweight children and a greater exposure to pollution, which does bad things to developing bodies and accelerates the timing of a girl’s first menstruation.

Environmental toxins also cause many girls to develop breasts at an earlier age than in the past.