Error updating the administration application pool credentials sharepoint

25 Mar

You'll start out by first just reviewing the current identity of the web application.Next, you'll execute a few very simple scripts that change change the application pool configuration to the target managed account.Introduction This posting explores how to change a web application pool identity using Power Shell methods.It assumes that both the current and target identities are configured as managed accounts (this makes things much simpler).Another setback, the timer service did not start due to a logon failure.

The most probable reason for the logon failure is the user account under which the service was running could have had a password reset/expiry.

Now, do the same for the Central Administration Web application pool, as well.

Now, both the web applications have their identity updated and have been started.

By using this option you can choose the way the password is selected: group on the Web server so that the account has proper access to resources.

Additionally, when you use Windows and Kerberos authentication in your environment, you might need to register a Service Principle Name (SPN) with the domain controller (DC).