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08 May

"So that’s what’s really fun because you are basically playing two different characters or several different characters.

"It is a living piece of Irish history so maybe the University should get involved and make this place a link between art and architecture in Ireland as it's absolutely steeped in culture and heritage," he said.

Have an affair”) was hacked with thousands of married men and women exposed as cheaters.

Does West have any thoughts on why our culture loves to shame the unfaithful? People find it instantly interesting when people talk about adultery and affairs.

sees Ellen De Generes return as the forgetful blue tang fish who begins a search for her long-lost parents.

Joining her this time around are a whole ensemble of sea creatures including an octopus named Hank ( co-stars Dominic West and Idris Elba - who played adversaries Jimmy Mc Nulty and Stringer Bell - reunited on screen as cockney sea lions Rudder and Fluke who sit on a rock all day with the sole purpose of keeping another named Gerald from joining them.