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15 Apr

Speedos on a pot belly old bald man–didn’t do a thing for her. “Yes, I’m okay.” A wave of apprehension swept away the brief calm as she wished to be anywhere else. The sleeves of his shirt were tight against his swelling biceps. The man’s brooding good looks made her stomach quiver but she hesitated at the spark of anger in his eyes. Disclosure of Material Connection: Some of the links in the page above are "affiliate links." This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.A thick shock of dark, wavy hair fell in careless disarray over his forehead. The above list does not entail the end all, be all of Oh-No-Nos, but I prefer to keep my lists small, manageable, and at an even number. Share with me, either by commenting or contacting me, and I will compile a Part Two–Reader’s Choice!They are both equally ineffective ways to turn your partner into Prince or Princess Charming.Don’t wait until you run out of patience and then jump ship.

In addition to being totally clueless about 90s R&B, other Oh-No-Nos for Tom include sleeping on anything less than 800 thread count sheets and a complete lack of interest for Paul Walker movies. I think we all need our very own Oh-No-No list– a neat little set of standards that can tell us when it’s time to, “move past and fast, Amanda.“ I KNEW I had written my very own list at some point, and after a search through a few of my old journals (because that word is more mature than “diary”), I found the list I wrote after a breakup over four years ago.

Blazing from a handsome face were his eyes–dark brown like melted chocolate.

I think we all know I enjoy using Parks and Rec gifs to illustrate my points–I think we all know I enjoy Parks and Rec in general (Leslie Knope, you are my role model).

The tight, skimpy shorts covering this backside brought a whistle to her lips.

For a split second, her eyes wandered from the road as she reached for her cell phone, then glanced back to see the flash of red tail lights.