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13 Mar

What my wife and I do has NOTHING to do with that film, but the essence of role playing, videotaping your wife and getting creative is what this article is about. This is a wee bit of an obstacle because having her get a little crazy and dirty dancing in public is a bit of a turn on for me.If you are a fan of my blog and/or book, you know that her transformation from frumpy housewife to smokin’ hot MILF was HUGE!We also have our Diva Favorite Spicy Products section. mile high club " data-medium-file=" w=226" data-large-file=" w=226" class="alignleft size-thumbnail wp-image-426" title="mile high club" src=" my wife to dress sexy " data-medium-file="" data-large-file=" w=385" class="alignleft size-medium wp-image-413" title="hotcop" src=" w=231&h=300" alt="hotcop" width="231" height="300" srcset=" w=231&h=300 231w, w=116&h=150 116w," sizes="(max-width: 231px) 100vw, 231px" /If you want your wife or girlfriend to dress sexy, it is definitely THE season to plant the right seeds to get her to feel sexy, dress sexy, act sexy and give you more sexy…(Thanks Borat) With Halloween fast approaching, now is the PERFECT time to get a shy or reluctant woman to see what it feels like to put on your fantasy outfit.Did you know we have a whole section of our site completely dedicated to intimate ideas for you and your spouse? We’re constantly adding and updating to keep the ideas fresh, tasteful, and OH-SO sexy!Click on over and check out all of our NEW sexy bedroom ideas for your marriage!

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“What would I do if I was them…” and things like that.Getting her to dirty dance at night clubs happens every so often.But if we aren’t in the mood to go out or if we are traveling and there are no “anonymous” places we can go (Not being known helps her to get out of her shell) then we sometimes get a little crazy with the camera.Embellishing real events brings a reality to the fantasy that can drive anyone wild.Instead of projecting ourselves into a fictional character, my wife and I take TRUE incidents that have happened to us and twist the facts, names, and places around slightly.