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21 Mar

“If that's what made them happy, I was OK with it,” Reeves said.

“As long as the kids were playing their sports, that's all that mattered.” Outside of occasional requests by Indian-interest groups over the years, the Harlandale Indians and Antonian Apaches have avoided similar controversy.

“For us, everything we do is done in respect with the Apache name,” Antonian athletic director Devlyn Lovell said.

“Some people believe 'Redskins' is more of a derogatory term, so I can understand the sensitivity to that.” The Harlandale Indians use the same logo and color scheme as the Washington Redskins, but Harlandale ISD athletic director Rudy De Los Santos says there is a big difference.

But it has been tested elsewhere, notably in the nation's capital, where the NFL's Washington Redskins are under pressure to change their nickname, which critics say is offensive to Native Americans. Should Redskins owner Dan Snyder give in, folks like Job Rios worry what will happen to their beloved Donna team.

“The whole identity of the team, the whole tradition of the team is based on that nickname,” said Rios, 65, a lifelong Donna resident who has been the public address announcer at “The Reservation” for 29 years.

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The issue gained traction in San Antonio more than a decade ago.

In 2002, under pressure from the American Indian Resource Center, Sam Houston High School changed its mascot to the Hurricanes after 50 years of being known as the Cherokees.

Other professional teams — including the Cleveland Indians, the Atlanta Braves and the Chicago Blackhawks — have kept their nicknames.

The NFL met with Oneida Nation representatives, but has given no indication it is prepared to pressure Snyder to meet the tribe's demands.