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06 Dec

The design makes it easy to work, so anyone can use this and catch fish. From: Comments: One of the best frogs on the market because of great hook sets and absolutely no water in the frog!!Would recommend this to anyone who likes frog fishing.Now the frog master, Bobby Barrack, has made it even better with a few tricks and modifications he's used to win big on the California Delta. The first difference you'll notice with the Perfect Frog is that it uses the Gamakatsu Extra Wide Gap Double Frog Hook.Proven to immensely improve your hookup rate, these extra wide gap hooks allow the body of the Perfect Frog to depress further below the points, giving you a better chance to stick the fish.I like to pause it after the cast, then slowly walk it a short distance, then walk it a little more with faster twitches, and continue faster until the water surface flushes! From: Comments: It is one of the best one for vegetation field in Japan as well as US.And I have been using Snag Proof frogs for more than 30 years.

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Comments: The Bobby's Perfect frog is hands down the best frog on the market! I highly recommend you give this one a try, you'll see exactly what I'm talking about.From: Comments: i have this frog in the cicada color and it looks great!dk how well it will do but next time i go fishing but its november so idk if they'll bite it Comments: I wouldn't quite call this frog a "perfect" frog.The Perfect Frog also features Snag Proof's ITT technology, which consists of a tube that runs through the center of the frog that the hook slides into.This means no air can get into the cavity, so the Perfect Frog never sinks.