Ct hookup chat

06 Dec

it has insane exposed hooks, super soft body, and great skirt/legs!

once i get a baitcaster i will put a new review on it right now i give it a 4/5 oh yea it walks extremely well!!!

This bait flat gets bit, and when it does it has the best hookup percentage of any frog I've found.

All of those factors are exactly why I choose Snag Proof Frogs.Another secret that Bobby Barrack revealed with the Perfect Frog is the fact that these frogs will walk-the-dog much more efficiently because he trimmed the portion of the bait that the rubber legs run through.This lessens the amount of plastic on the end of the bait for less resistance and less material to get in the way of setting the hook.I like to pause it after the cast, then slowly walk it a short distance, then walk it a little more with faster twitches, and continue faster until the water surface flushes! From: Comments: It is one of the best one for vegetation field in Japan as well as US.And I have been using Snag Proof frogs for more than 30 years.