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27 Feb

After all, women have considerable advantages in their mid-20s, which is the more natural time for family formation.

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Although I agree that the “flip” occurs, I don’t see why we should think of the situation as cruelly biased against women.There’s little pressure on women at this time to cultivate attractively feminine qualities, or to make the right signals to men seeking serious relationships, or to restrain the impulse to reward bad boy behaviour.And then when women hit their early thirties it suddenly changes.It’s not because of a shortage of men – according to Arndt there are nearly 500,000 more single men in their 30s than single women in Australia (the statistic, I have to say, seems excessive).This surplus of single men has its limitations:significant numbers of these men are unemployed and low-income – men who are the big losers in the partnering stakes and the most likely to end up never married.