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13 Jan

This dark, mysterious and elegant perfume, which won a Fi Fi award in 1987, was created by Edouard Flechier.

In 2006, the house of Dior released the Poison Amulets. I have put off writing anything about this fragrance for a long time because it was my first fragrant love and is one of my all-time favorite fragrances.

I just loved the fresh, spicy, sweet, smoky forbidden mystery of a scent. I cannot be without this beauty, and the version I have today still puts me under its spell every time.

Everyone was suffocated around me hahahaha but I could not get enough! Flowers rotting in stinky water sweet cheap perfume = Poison - This is the smell I get every time I test Poison and I tried to see something decent in this scent 6-7 times. My Mom and step Mom wore Poison in the mid and late 80's and actually throughout most of the 1990's.

Alas, the time came and I moved on and I have not worn this for 30 years. Sorry for all you lovers, but this is exactly how this thing smells on me, is just disgusting! It was perfect as it just a ghost of it's former self. It was, and still is, pretty strong and it is one of those love it or almost hate it scents.

I never understood how anyone could like this perfume but clearly many do and they are very lucky to smell something beautiful.

I've tried but I just can not smell what others smell as people adore it and I wanted to as well. I know people love this but for me it literally make me ill.