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11 Apr

As the Player Turk returns, Rude goes after Shears and, partnered up with Reno, defeats the AVALANCHE commander while a freed Azul returns to the Shinra ship willingly to finish his fight with the Player Turk and become a SOLDIER to become stronger.Following the theft of confidential documents from the 45th floor of the Shinra Building, Reno and Rude guard the room and search for clues to the missing files.Two Genesis Copies appear from a hidden passage and distract the pair, giving Hollander time to escape.Veld orders the pair to return to Sector 8 as SOLDIER has taken over the investigation of the stolen documents.Rude and Reno provide comic relief in the movie, mainly being troubled by Reno.Rude and Reno are dedicated to their boss Rufus Shinra.

While the Player Turk deals with a monster infestation in the sector, Reno follows Rude to one of his dates and discovers Chelsea attempting to place a bug on his PHS.

Rude wears the standard Turks uniform of a blue suit and black tie, and wears his uniform in a professional manner in contrast to his partner Reno's lackadaisical style.

In Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children he has a small black goatee, but in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- field scenes and Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII- he is clean shaven.

When Reno notices a bearded man in a lab coat watching them from the shadows, the pair chase after him concluding the man was the person who stole the data, but the suspect escapes the building.

Recalled by Veld, Reno and Rude are ordered to continue their investigation as well as help stop the malfunctioning security robots that have escaped onto the streets of Midgar and begun attacking civilians.