Chat pee sex

06 Feb

As a first step in its quest to get men to take a seat, the Left Party proposes labeling toilets which are designated for men who absolutely want to remain standing when they pee.

The Left Party's Viggo Hansen, a substitute member of the county council and the man responsible for the proposal, wants the office toilets to be genderless and as a result, is pushing for the "sit-down only" requirement.

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Urinating during sex certainly puts a dampener on events, killing spontaneity and leaving those who suffer wondering what the heck went wrong.

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The Ant-Man actor joined The Late Late Show host for a mutual excretion as they pondered serious topics such as the importance of voting in the upcoming presidential elections.

It took them a while to get onto the hardcore subjects as they ticked off the usual whether and ‘what have you been up to’ small talk first.