Bruce pearl dating

28 Mar

Bruce Pearl has recruited well since he’s gotten to Auburn and now they’ll have the depth to show for it.Leading the way is Danjel Purifoy, who was Pearl’s first big signee when he took over the job.In our 2014 preview the masses picked Auburn to go (roughly) 10-8, instead they went 4-14.In our 2015 preview the masses had less faith picking Auburn to go 8-10. The Tigers struggled to go 4-14 in 2014, 5-13 in 2015, and last year they hit 7-11.Purifoy sat out his first year but had a strong introduction by scoring 17.5 ppg over the first nine games, but a midseason injury kept him out for three games and returned without as much firepower.Jared Harper played a major role as the starting point guard last year and played well for a freshman, however he needs to improve his efficiency with the ball and take better shots this season.Bruce Pearl is coaching college basketball once again and that's good news for Auburn students who like to hang out with their head basketball coach.

If there are any eligibility concerns with Wiley that will set Auburn back.Heron was a highly coveted recruit and he’s lived up to the billing so far.He averaged nearly 30 minutes per game and had a very efficient 63% true shooting percentage while averaging over 15 points per game, and leading the team.If Heron continues to get better the league will need to watch out.Where Heron needs to improve on the offensive side of the ball is from 2-point range where he was a meager 44%.