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02 Jan

In 1965, the company approached a rapidly growing business in the market, Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation and agreed to serve as a sales agency for them, increasing their capital to twenty million yen and began exporting IC testers, IC sockets, IC connectors, and other similar computer components.

They opened a new office in San Francisco, California and their new branch, Pan Electron in 1968 establishing themselves as the only stocking distributor of imported electronic components in the region.

OKCupid punters can answer hundreds of personality profile questions and the site generates a suitability quotient for the user with the rest of the profiles on the site.

So OKCupid decided to start lying about personality matches and seeing what happened.

"If you have to choose only one or the other, the mere myth of compatibility works just as well as the truth," Rudder said.

To readers who met their partners on OKCupid with 90 per cent matches, and now wondering if it was actually a 30 per cent: perhaps you've proved that opposites really do attract.

Over the past ten years, OKCupid has been throwing designs and algorithms against the wall to see if any of them stick, he said, giving details on three experiments to see what its users actually want and use.

For example, last January the site launched a short-lived blind dating app and to promote it held a "love is blind" day: for that, it removed photos from profiles for seven hours.

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Later that year, their office opened in the TBS main building and began manufacturing thousands of quality-control and importing diffusion furnaces made by Thermco and selling Japanese-made car radios.

TEL is one of the partners of IMEC, a microelectronics and nanoelectronics research center in Leuven, Belgium.

In July 2014, TEL announced the establishment of joint assembly lab with Institute of Microelectronics in Singapore.

For example, we're told one profile had no text at all, just a picture of a nubile young lady in a bikini.

Despite the lack of anything other than a picture in her profile she apparently scored in the top 99 per cent for personality. Finally, the dating site decided to test the power of suggestion with its users.