Baby boomer online dating statistics

13 Dec

Surely not the shocking statistics about today’s sexual habits in the UK which are available for all to study.Ninety-six per cent of these abortions were funded by the NHS, i.e. One per cent of these were performed because the would-be parents feared the child would be born handicapped in some way.

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Happiness: The Gf K's most recent poll shows most of us feel that what will make us very happy is having a long-lasting, stable relationship, having children, and maintaining, if possible, lifelong marriage More than half of those questioned in the Gf K’s most recent survey said that it was a stable relationship which made them happy.The prosecuting counsel, Mr Mervyn Griffith-Jones, lost the case when he shot himself in the foot by asking the jury whether they considered Lawrence’s bizarre novel was something they would wish their wives or servants to read.With the ban lifted, Lawrence’s book became the best-selling novel of the early Sixties.January 3 has been nicknamed ‘divorce day’ by lawyers.In a moving article in the Mail recently, Lowri Turner, a twice-divorced mother of three children, wrote about the pain of waking up on Christmas morning without her children.