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10 Feb

Greeting card/wishing card merupakan salah satu text fungsional yang munculdalam soal UN (SKL no2) Greeting Card adalah text yang berupa kartu ucapan yang diberikan kepada seseorang pada saat tertentu/mengalami peristiwa tertentu, Baik peristiwa yang menggebirakan maupun peristiwa yang menyedihkan. Greeting card tersebut diberikan untuk moment /peristiwa yang menyenangkan, Biasanya menggunakan kata “Congratulation on…/ I congratulate you on…., Happy New Year, Marry Christmas) Peristiwa yang menggembirakan tsb seperti: (hafalkan kosa-kata berikut) – New baby born : Kelahiran bayi – Birthday/ return of the day : ulang tahun – Graduation/finishing study/getting new degree : lulus/mendapat gelar – Inauguration : Wisuda/pelantikan. Untuk menjawab soal tersebut, pahami bahwa kata “I/me/my” dalam text kembali ke “writer/penulis” sedangkan kata “you/your” kembali ke “penerima. gets a champion of the sport games Text for no 9-12 My Beloved Mom and Dad Your kind, patience, love and support Make the world wonderful to live in You are the best parents of mine Happy twenty second Anniversary for you…. English teachers Text for no 4-7 Dear: Jeffry I am very delighted to know that you have completely recovered from your long illness.

– Passing/dead/departed people : Orang meninggal dunia Contoh ungkapan: – I say my condolence on the passing of…./ My deep condolence of Mr. Read the following greeting card and answer question below! To: Rizal Congratulations on your success as the winner of the Youth Scientific Contest 2008. Best love, Uncle Syukur and Family What has Rizal done?

prevent Text for no 10-13 Dear : Nia Please accept my warmest congratulations on your graduation from the faculty of Economy of Indonesian University. But your dedication has paid off, and your parents must be very proud of you.


congratulate the anniversary of the fourth wedding anniversary D. Text for no 1-3 CONDOLENCE Deepest condolence and heartfelt sympathies to Drs.lkhsanudin Saputra and family, the headmaster SMP “Satriatama’° Purbalingga on the recent bereavement of his beloved wife.

addresser Text 6 for no 16-18 To: My beloved niece, Diana May your degree unlock many doors to success, to happy endings and new beginning. congratulate of a year marriage anniversary of someone C.