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25 Mar

For Amell, The Tomorrow People had recently been cancelled, but The Flash was set to debut on The CW.

Ricci has been asked in various interviews about her relationship, and her priase of Amell is incredibly effusive.

A family movie going up against Suicide Squad, it’ll have little new competition to face.

Should it do well at the box office, Amell could be one of the next big movie stars.

Italia Ricci and Robbie Amell are off on a weekend adventure — but before they head out of town, they had to stop and get tattoos!

The actors, who were married last October after a long-term relationship, stopped off and got some ink together. As you do,” Italia captioned and shared on Twitter, with both her and Robbie lifting up their shirts to show off where they got their new tattoos at.

Just a month later, it was reported that the two were to be engaged after Amell posted the above Instagram picture, announcing that he was going to marry his “best friend.” At the time, Chasing Life had just begun airing for Ricci.Amell has had major roles in television shows like The Tomorrow People and True Jackson, VP, along with recurring roles in The Flash, Life With Derek, Revenge, and the recent X-Files comeback.Starting tomorrow, he’ll be seen in the movie Nine Lives nationwide, a film where Kevin Spacey is trapped inside the body of a cat.In the meantime, Amell, who also can be seen as Firestorm on CW’s star Stephen Amell.“I figure I have one or two no’s, so I’m saving them for things that really matter,” added Amell.