America missionary dating scam

04 May

About the only Word of God found in these churches are either a suggestion for better living or some rote scripture for the people to recite and claim this fulfills prayer.

This dead orthodoxy in the mainline churches is well-known but now Satan is going after the holdouts in the Fundamental, Pentecostal and Evangelical Bible churches.

From the time of Nimrod people have always put their substitute for God (idols) on objects, thrones, pedestals and pulpits.

Instead of checking what God has revealed to them, they check out God through their own created Idols.

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Universalism is now a real popular heresy in some seeker friendly and emergent churches.

I get no joy out of telling people that much of what is being passed off as Christianity today is counterfeit.

Those American Idols that are pushing modern heresies on people may think they are being opened minded but they really have become a willing door of Satanic deception.

So the Idols even become a judge of what is God’s Word and what words might not be. They left Bible doctrine for mystical experiences and they only use the Bible if something they find in it can be force fitted into whatever heresy that they are teaching today.

Red letters in the Bible are rated higher than those dark letters. These churches have anointed pietistic American Idols on stage and you better not touch these holier than thou anointed leaders (in other words oppose anything that they teach and claim).